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「キッチハイク」で AIN SOPH. の商品がご購入いただけます!

You can purchase AIN SOPH. products at "Kitch Hike"!

You can now purchase Ain Soff's pick-up products at the ONLINE STORE of "Food and Food and Food Kitch Hike "!

ã What is Ki ƒ Chi Hike ?】 You can experience traveling through food and culture. Š An online store and an online event holding service that connects you with local people. This time, we at AIN SOPH. have introduced the top 5 popular sweets.


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Heavenly Vegan Pancakes (3 servings)

Raisin sandwich (gluten-free, 10 pieces)

Vegan Tiramisu (4 pieces)

Nut brownie (gluten-free, 4 pieces)

Vegan ice cream sandwich (4 types x 2 pieces)

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