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晴れの日のご馳走 「AIN SOPH. Grocery 」オープンしました

A sunny day treat "AIN SOPH. Grocery" opened

A sunny day treat A IN SOP H. Grocery is now open!

Finally, an online store specializing in food has started. Ain Sof's Central Kitchen is a vegan-only kitchen. Therefore, you can now enjoy the carefully prepared food menu at home!

AIN SOPH. official YouTube Channel introduces "Vegan Pasta" from Grosa ª :

Please also subscribe to the channel ♪

AIN SOPH . From:

Click here for the pudding specialty store*:

*Due to the nature of mail order sites, it is difficult to handle refrigerated and frozen products in the same shop, so we opened Vegan Pudding by AIN SOPH.

AIN SOPH. GINZA accepts pre-orders for bento lunches.

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