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Online store / Grocery product single item sales start!

The online store and grocery items were sold as a set,

It is easy to use and can be purchased separately!

✔︎ Deep-fried veggie meat

: Popular menu at the store! It even comes with batter, so all you have to do is fry it at home!

✔︎ Green curry

: Just warm up♪

✔︎Hayashi rice

: Just warm up♪

✔︎ Tortilla

✔︎ Falafel: Just fry. Put it in pita bread or with a salad♪

✔︎ Hummus

✔︎ Duka (Pumpkin)

✔︎ Ain Sof Dashi: Easy to use for cooking, convenient to have!

You can easily and easily use #HomeAinSoph on your busy days!

All AIN SOPH products are vegan🌱

We prepare each one by hand.

We will continue to add more products, so please look forward to it♪

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#Plant-based #dairy-free #egg-free #home time #tortilla #tortilla party #vegetarian

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