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"Heavenly vegan pancake" is now on sale in an easy-to-purchase size!

Ain Sof's very popular "Heavenly Vegan Pancake".

From today, we have started selling in a size that is easy to purchase.

A: S size / set for one person (2 pancakes , vanilla ice cream, blueberry jam, agave syrup, 2 vegan butters)

B: M size / Set for 2-3 people ( 6 pancakes, 6 vegan butters, agave syrup)

C: L size (6 pancakes, soy whipped cream , 3 vanilla ice cream, chocolate pen, agave syrup, granola, blueberry jam)

For birthday parties, etc., we recommend the conventional full-size, which includes chocolate pens and granola.

For breakfast, brunch, snack time, birthday party 🥞

Please choose according to the application.

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