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Reservations for Christmas cakes are accepted until December 1st !
Reservations for Christmas cakes are accepted until December 1st !

square sandwich cookie

Original price ¥1,980 - Original price ¥1,980
Original price
¥1,980 - ¥1,980
Current price ¥1,980

gluten free

Sandwich raw chocolate cream with gluten-free cookies.

Hazelnut and cacao fragrant cookies with vanilla cream.

Homemade pistachio paste cream for cookies with grainy pistachios.

You can enjoy the bright green color and fragrance.

*Gluten-free products are manufactured on the same equipment as products containing wheat.

*raw materials:

Cookies: Rice Flour, Hazelnut Poodle, Almond Poodle, Beet Sugar, Rapeseed Oil, Potato Starch, Cocoa Powder, Organic Oatmeal, Pistachios, Sea Salt/Leaving Agent.

Cream: cashews, organic raw cocoa butter, cocoa mass, beet sugar, pistachios, sea salt

(Including cashew nuts and almonds)
* Contents: 8 pieces
* Storage method: Store in a cool, dark place (below 20°C).

cancellation policy

*Due to the characteristics of the product, we cannot accept cancellations, exchanges, delivery date changes, or returns after ordering due to customer's convenience. Thank you for your understanding.

Shipping method

※※Confirmation of shipping date※※

Shipping date is limited.
Please be sure to check before ordering.

●Usually, we ship on Tuesdays and Fridays.
・Orders from (Tue) to (Thu) 23:59 → Ships next Tuesday ・Orders from (Fri) to (Mon) 23:59 → Ships next Friday

●Only the pudding will be delivered separately. Shipping will be on Wednesdays and Fridays.
・Orders placed by (Tue) ~ (Wed) 23:59 → Shipped next Friday ・Orders placed (Thu) ~ (Mon) 23:59 → Shipped next Wednesday



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